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Is there a best pricing strategy for the Home seller?

The final selling price of a property should be differentiated from its listing price.The later is the result of a pricing strategy to obtain the best price from a motivated and qualified buyer.

This is a very emotional and passionate subject which requires a thoughtful discussion with the home seller and qualified realtor, about the motivation and goals in selling a home. Determining the listing price of a property requires a thorough comparable market analysis of the most recently sold homes in the neighborhood. With the market condition fluctuating constantly, specific parameters interacting together should be carefully analyzed, including:

- The number of days a property takes to sell on average.
- The listing and selling price per square foot.
- The inventory level and quality of homes for sale to learn about 
   the competition and market trend toward a buyer or a seller's
- The price to sell ratio that highlights the average difference
   between an accepted offer and the actual listing price at the time of the offer. 

Should you price high, right or low with the hope to generate a “Bidding War”? 

An interesting study revealed in the Wall Street journal concluded that overpriced listings benefit of an ” anchorage effect” which lead  to a higher selling price comparing to underpriced listings.Read the full article

This effect will not equally impact each property as one could well end up sitting on the market without any visits of prospecting buyers.  You definitely want to avoid this situation that alerts you of a wrong pricing…

By analyzing the market data, property features, desirability level in the neighborhood, you will have the best chances to target the right strategy for a right pricing!


        I will gladly help you determine which Strategy will get you the Best Selling Price in a time frame that fits your own requirements.

    Call me for a free consultation  Direct (760) 274-3524  or send me an email http://www.Ingrid@FrenchNoteRealty



About Ingrid Pasco

Ingrid is a results oriented Realtor offering her clients the best experience buying or selling a home. She always work in the best of their interests with a personal approach, respecting their goals, challenges and time frame desired for their home sale, home purchase, investment or relocation for a complete satisfaction. As a CDPE (short sale expert) and Global Property Specialist, Ingrid offers home sellers the highest marketing exposure by widely advertising their property from the smallest neighborhood perimeter to foreign countries in 20 languages. Her clients benefit from her outstanding real estate expertise and effective home value analysis to locate, negotiate, purchase a home at the right price or to sell one for the highest price in a timely manner. You will find that Ingrid is a valuable Realtor and partner engaged to your side to provide you outstanding services and results. Read her clients testimonials on her website or blog.


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