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Should you stop looking for the perfect home in this hot market?

For many motivated buyers, finding a home that fits their criteria and budget is becoming challenging. Here are a few tips to help with your decision.

  • Identify your list of “must have” and decide if some of them could be “fixed”. Ex: you won’t change the location of a house and having a power line in your backyard. However you can always upgrade an old kitchen.Clients decided recently that being able to play basketball with their kid on the street was important. Clarity is  empowering and will help you make an informed decision.
  • Make sure to know the monthly expenses that you don’t want to exceed for your home including: monthly mortgage payment with taxes, hoa fees if any, home insurance and water bill.
  • Identify if you have room left for repairs work and upgrades when you negotiate a home purchase.
  •  Analyse and set the level of urgency for these upgrades.

Bottom line:

There is nothing worse than discovering during or after the close of escrow, that the property wasn’t a good fit and a purchase by default. 


About Ingrid Pasco

Ingrid is a results oriented Realtor offering her clients the best experience buying or selling a home. She always work in the best of their interests with a personal approach, respecting their goals, challenges and time frame desired for their home sale, home purchase, investment or relocation for a complete satisfaction. As a CDPE (short sale expert) and Global Property Specialist, Ingrid offers home sellers the highest marketing exposure by widely advertising their property from the smallest neighborhood perimeter to foreign countries in 20 languages. Her clients benefit from her outstanding real estate expertise and effective home value analysis to locate, negotiate, purchase a home at the right price or to sell one for the highest price in a timely manner. You will find that Ingrid is a valuable Realtor and partner engaged to your side to provide you outstanding services and results. Read her clients testimonials on her website or blog.


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